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How were we born?

In my early clinical career working with children with disabilities in therapy, I noticed a pattern: they were all born prematurely

The mothers, many of them young, faced emotional struggles and lacked proper support during their pregnancies.

I wondered: What would have happened if they had received the right support during those crucial times?

This reflection ignited a dream, envisioning a world where we provide support even before these little ones take their first breath.

It was clear that the lack of proper prenatal care not only had long-term impacts on the children but also deadly consequences for the mothers. The alarming statistics on maternal mortality in the U.S. reinforced the urgency of this issue.

That moment defined the birth of Maternal+

Adriana soto Ospina

Maternal+: More than a platform, a mission

Maternal+ is not just a telehealth platform. It’s an evidence-based and culturally competent response to provide the emotional and behavioral support that high-risk pregnant Latina women so desperately need.

Did you know?

Our clinical pilot with over 200 high-risk pregnant Latina women showed notable reductions in C-section rates and hospitalization days, as well as significant decreases in postpartum depression.

A team dedicated to making a difference

Under the leadership of Adriana Soto Ospina, with extensive experience in clinical psychology, operations management, and entrepreneurship, our mission is to address the challenges of maternal health.

We recognize the profound impact a mother’s well-being has on the child and work to provide effective solutions.

We recognize the profound impact a mother’s well-being has on the child and work to provide effective solutions.

And we are not alone in seeing the value of our work. USCIS (Government agency that manages immigration and naturalization in the U.S.) has declared Maternal+ and its founder as being of national interest to the United States, understanding its potential positive impact on the economy, public health, and most importantly, the well-being of mothers and their families.

Our team

Adriana Soto Ospina


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Head of operations

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